A City Within a City: About TheArtFactory

TheArtFactory is a city-within-a-city with nearly 300,000 square feet of historic factory loft space on a 5-acre, 21-building campus located 12 miles from NYC. Our venue space has adapted this 180-year-old former rope factory adjacent to the new Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park into a vibrant campus for creative business, community, shopping, dining, and events. Now, you can visit our unique space to browse our retail shops, dine in our cafe, scout for your film or photoshoot, meet our many creative vendors, or check out our amazing NJ wedding venues and meet with our design team.


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Find the Right Filming Venue at the Art Factory in New Jersey

Do you work in the photography or videography industry, or another multimedia production field? Half the battle of a great shoot is finding a filming venue that is easily accessible and consistently available. Additionally, recording sound is difficult without the guarantee that you’ll be able to find a quiet space. Unique film locations that meet these conditions are a rare find indeed, especially if you are in an area unfamiliar to you. 

Make your filming experience easy at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ.  We are convenient to New York City and considerably less expensive for film production. We have the space to accommodate all of your gear. We have freight elevators and loading docks for your equipment, props, and vehicles. We have private areas for your subjects to get ready. We have amazing natural light. We have a wide variety of potential film locations that can serve as beautiful backdrops and creative workspaces alike. And most of all, we have experience with building sets for TV and film production. Call us today to speak with our professionals and scout our film locations.

Photography Locations

The best photography locations inspire and spark imagination. Here, at TheArtFactory, a mere 12 miles from New York City, we have photo opportunities that will blow your mind — visually speaking. Outdoors, we have ivy-covered, brick facades, cobblestone courtyards, exterior walls covered in graffiti, industrial remnants like iron stairwells and vaults, and — waterfalls. Our former rope factory backs right up to Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park. Indoors, we have gorgeous natural light from our massive windows, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and statement areas like the Ribbon Room. The Art Factory is a photographer's playground. 

Professionals and hobbyists alike agree that there is no other place that can compare to this one-of-a-kind, avant-garde facility in Paterson, NJ. 

Industrial Film and Photo Sets

At The Art Factory, we know our way around the photography and videography industries. We are a frequent stop for major film and photography studios because of our optimal conditions and desirable industrial campus. We rent out a variety of spaces, from small studios, to entire historic factory buildings. 

Spacious and timeless, our industrial venues are second to none. Whether you’re creating a documentary about the 1800s or trying to depict the world 4,000 years from now, our industrial spaces can be the canvas for your production.

The trend isn’t just popular among videographers! Many people are catching on to the appeal of industrial spaces and using them as romantic wedding venues, gathering places for coming-of-age celebrations such as bar and bat mitzvahs, and chic spots to host art exhibits.

Photoshoot Venues

If you are a professional photographer looking for studio space or scouting photo locations for your next shoot, The Art Factory has what you need. Our 21-building campus in Paterson, NJ has a wide selection of spaces available for rent. Our exterior, red brick facade and interior, exposed brick walls are just the beginning of amazing photo backdrops for your lens — no green screen needed!  We are only 12 miles from New York City and close to public transportation so, if you're in the fashion industry, you'll see why many brands choose The Art Factory to shoot their product lines. For engaged couples, our grounds and exposed brick venues will capture the magic in real-time. 

Here are just a few more ways clients have used our spaces for professional photography:

  • High school and college graduation photos
  • Baby and kids' portraits
  • Corporate headshots and other professional photo events
  • Family reunion group shots
  • Sports team photos
  • Product advertisement and other commercial shoots
  • Modeling photoshoots
  • And more!

Need More Space? Find It Here

Our rental spaces are well-suited for many purposes beyond photography and film sets. The Art Factory can accommodate any of the following needs:

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