Growing in the professional world means networking and attending industry events that expose you and your business to new concepts, technology, and opportunities. Each year, The Art Factory proudly hosts business, marketing, and training events for all kinds of companies. Our impressive expo center in Paterson, NJ is the ideal space for conventions, conferences, and trade shows. 

Our facility, located only 12 miles from New York City, is close to public transportation and accessible to those traveling through NYC. With thousands of square feet of refinished industrial space, our large expo center is equipped to host events of any size. Our professional planners will help with every detail to ensure your corporate occasion goes off without a hitch. Contact The Art Factory for help in planning and hosting your next industry event.


Our New Jersey facility has 20,000 square feet of expo space, which can be configured to suit the unique needs of your upcoming trade show, convention, or conference. Whether you want to have a number of booths in one section or multiple areas for breakout sessions, we will customize our event space according to your specifications.

We make the industry events we host at our location a pleasant experience for all who attend. Your guests will enjoy the ample, accessible parking and a warm welcome from our friendly, professional staff. Most importantly, attendees won’t have to worry about how they will power their equipment and devices — we have plenty of power sources available for charging stations and other electronic needs.

Vendors will also appreciate that you chose to hold your event at The Art Factory. We have numerous loading and unloading areas that make pickups and deliveries a breeze. 

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Our Corporate Event Venue Brings the "Wow" Factor



When planning a corporate event, your first instinct may be to book a hotel conference center or banquet hall. For a unique experience that inspires your guests and encourages collaboration, book your next large-scale event at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ.

Our 5-acre, 21-building campus is impressive and sends a clear message — progress is happening here. We can customize our space to meet your event's specifications. While this may seem daunting, our experienced planners make it easy.

Our memorable, 1840s former factory venue has a rich history that will spark conversation and creativity. By the end of your event, you and your guests will note a feeling of accomplishment. It may not be immediately apparent, but the success of an event is influenced by the space in which it is held.  

The Art Factory has everything you need to host conventions and expo events that are a step above the rest. Contact us, today.

Expo Events That Deliver Results



Also called trade fairs, expositions (or expos), are small or large events in which businesses in a specific niche market showcase their services and products and promote new developments. When companies attend trade events, they can display and demonstrate their merchandise, explain their services, and answer questions about how their companies work. They are also able to connect with similar companies and build relationships for the future.

Our expo center at The Art Factory in New Jersey has plenty of space for hundreds of businesses to comfortably set up their dedicated booths and effectively showcase their offerings. When you host a trade fair at our venue, our professional staff will help you design and configure the space to promote an easy flow of attendees and vendors through the room.

Book an appointment to tour our campus and discover what we can offer you. We promise your trade event will be a success in our unique and usual industrial space. Once you host one expo at The Art Factory, you will see the difference it makes and we know you will be back.

Convention Events That Entertain



Conventions are large-scale meetings or promotional events that focus on a specific industry, society, political party, or organization. Conventions offer a formal community experience and the opportunity to network. 

Our expo center at The Art Factory has plenty of room for businesses of all sizes to come with noteworthy displays and booths. Our experts will customize the area to fit your needs. Our professionals will create dedicated spaces for speeches and presentations, and arrange furnishings such as tables, chairs, and easels. We also have sound equipment. 

If you are including beverages, refreshments, appetizers, or a meal in your event, ask us about our preferred catering vendors. If you book a tour, you can check out our on-site vendors for yourself. Our planners will help you with everything you need for a successful convention.

When you host your event at our impressive and stylish expo center, your attendees will meet like-minded professionals and expand their business knowledge in an unforgettable venue. Call The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ to book your appointment, today.

Our Conference Venue Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

Meet Your NeedsSimilar to conventions, conferences provide professionals with the opportunity to exchange information in a consultatory setting, but have a formal agenda. Conferences help professionals gain industry insights, learn current practices or developments, and have discussions with people in the same field.

Our corporate venue at The Art Factory in New Jersey can be customized for discussion panels, breakout sessions, and different table-and-chair configurations. We have multiple stages for various uses. Our planners help you organize the layout of the venue and the flow of key-note speakers and presentations. During the event, our staff will be on standby to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Our ground-floor facility is equipped with the following:

  • AC / Heat
  • WiFi
  • Furniture
  • Restrooms
  • Projector / Screen
  • High Ceilings
  • Kitchen
  • Stage
  • Existing Event Lighting
  • Flexible House Lighting
  • Large Windows (Natural Light)
  • Outdoor Space


Our accessibility features include:

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Direct Street Access
  • Parking Across the Street
  • Loading Dock

Select the Best Venue for Your Corporate Events Today

The venue you choose can affect the overall success of your event. When you book the expo center at The Art Factory in New Jersey, you can trust that every aspect of your business occasion will go according to plan. If you need a place to work and plan the event, ask about our industrial office space for rent.  For more information about our corporate venues, contact our team today!