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Perfect Jewish Weddings
Custom Décor

Knowledgeable creative team and the finest Kosher and Glatt-Kosher caterers.

“Best venue ever! We got married 3 years ago and people still talk about how great our wedding at Art Factory was.” Ariane Mandel

Wedding Works offers the perfect setting to celebrate the joy of your Jewish wedding. Let us assist you in creating a space where you can rejoice with loved ones and create lasting memories. Instead of searching all over town for a venue, consider visiting us first! Your wedding day is a significant milestone, and our venue will help make it even more unforgettable. If you're seeking a beautiful and unique place to celebrate your marriage, Wedding Works is an excellent choice. Contact our experienced wedding planners today to begin planning your dream kosher wedding.New collection Light neutral minimal eco products Instagram post-4

Kosher Wedding - Custom Decorated Chuppahs

Experience the exceptional wedding chuppahs with Wedding Works. With an authentic birch tree structure reminiscent of Abraham and Sarah's welcoming tent, our custom decorated chuppahs create an authentic and joyous atmosphere for your special day. Celebrate with your loved ones and guests in style and make lasting memories.


Choose from multiple indoor-outdoor kosher wedding options for the groom's Tisch. This custom Jewish wedding tradition allows the groom to share insights on the Torah portion of the week in a unique and meaningful way.


Before the kosher wedding ceremony begins, witness the heartfelt Badeken tradition. As the groom uncovers the bride's face and covers it with a veil, the Rabbi pronounces a blessing upon the couple. The bride wears her veil until the conclusion of the chuppah ceremony.

Celebrate with a resounding "Mazel Tov!" as you move on to the wedding reception. Our spacious lofts and grand dance floor provide the perfect setting to dance and celebrate the newlyweds' good fortune.

Explore the options for The Yichud Room, a moment alone after the Jewish wedding ceremony, and private suites for other family members. With our all-inclusive packages, staying within your budget is easy.

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