Check out our rewards program designed to honor your passion, imagination, and innovation

Welcome to Art Factory Studios – Where Creativity is Celebrated and Rewarded!

At Art Factory Studios, we value and appreciate creativity. We strive to create authentic and engaging spaces for your special day. Check out our rewards program designed to honor your passion, imagination, and innovation.

TheArtFactory Rewards Program
TheArtFactory announces the rewards program, inviting you to earn P❤️INTS and immerse yourself in a world of exclusive benefits!
A Creative Community, A Rewarding Family:
At TheArtFactory, we believe in the power of community and the joy of giving. As we come together, the rewards amplify – it's more than a program; it's a family celebration! Connect with us, support your community, and watch as the rewards unfold

Kickstart your journey by simply signing up and instantly earning 500
Redeem & Rewards:
Points aren't just numbers; they're tickets to a world of exclusive rewards. From free to discounted spaces and services from our Very Merry Vendors, your creativity is met with unparalleled experiences.
- 🎨 Create Account (500 P❤️INTS) Begin your journey by creating an account.
- 🌟 Leave a Review (200 P❤️INTS): Share your thoughts and earn rewards.
- 📸 Add Photo to Review (300 P❤️INTS): Make your review visually stunning.
- 🎥 Add Video to Review (800 P❤️INTS): Bring your experience to life.
- 💳 Make a Purchase (1 P❤️INT for every $1 spent): Your creativity fuels your rewards.
- 📱 Sign Up for Texts (200 P❤️INTS): Stay connected for additional rewards.
- 📷 Follow us on Instagram (200 P❤️INTS):Dive into our visual world.

Joining is easy and free! Simply create your account and start earning rewards today.

Art Factory Studios Ambassador Program:

Are you an influential figure or an artist?

Our Ambassador Program is perfect for you! As an ambassador, you'll receive special perks including free products, featured spots on our social media platforms, and commissions on sales through your referrals. Apply below to become an Art Factory Studios Ambassador.

Stay Connected:

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Thank you for being a part of the Art Factory Studios community. Let's continue to make the world a more imaginative and beautiful place, one artwork at a time!

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