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Kosher Weddings

Mazel Tov! You have a shiny, new ring on your finger and are ready to begin planning the kosher wedding of your dreams. However, what if you do not know where to start? Planning a traditional Jewish wedding while keeping it kosher can seem like a daunting task depending on how strict you and your family’s dietary requirements may be, but when you find the perfect wedding venue that offers you a kosher guarantee and a clean slate to decorate the venue to your wildest dreams, the pieces will all fall into place. 


Wedding Works @ the Art Factory is a New Jersey wedding venue with an eclectic warehouse aesthetic that offers newly engaged couples the opportunity to host their dream wedding at a kosher venue. Our goal is to ensure that your wedding planning experience is as smooth and fun as possible. That is why we offer kosher-approved caterers at our venue to accommodate all of your and your guests’ dietary needs. We believe that well-fed guests are happy guests, and it is our goal to ensure your guests are more than happy with your epic, kosher wedding experience!

What Should You Look for in a New Jersey Kosher Wedding Venue?

The kosher diet promotes good circulation between the soul and body, so it is important that at a kosher wedding, the holiness of a wedding is captured by food that is holy. When choosing a wedding venue for your big day, choosing a venue that is kosher can save a lot of time and stress in the planning process because you will not have to worry about ensuring that the food that is prepared for you and your guests will meet your standards. When looking for the perfect kosher wedding venue in New Jersey, you may want to consider the following:


  • Does this venue offer in-house kosher catering?
  • Do they offer preferred kosher caterers who are familiar with the venue?
  • Will your relationship with the kosher caterer be directly between you or will you go through the venue staff?
  • Does the venue have a separate catering facility that is up to standard for preparing a kosher meal?


If the wedding venue does not have a separate catering facility, the kosher caterer will review the kitchen in advance to prepare for sterilization. This process is important to ensure the facility meets the proper kosher regulations of Kashrut. 


One of the integral elements of kosher dining is to not mix meat or dairy. So, the catering staff of the venue will be required to only use the food products or utensils that have been supervised by the appointed Rabbi during the wedding reception. Kosher meals may be more expensive than other wedding catering due to the additional supervision enforced, but when you book your wedding at Wedding Works, our team of kosher wedding experts will help you choose the right options that are affordable and best fit your budget without sacrificing the style and elegance you want for your wedding.

The Best Tips for Planning Your Kosher Wedding at Wedding Works

When it comes to planning a formal Jewish wedding, as the bride and groom, you will likely be faced with challenges to keep the religious observances, cultural nuances, and unique wedding themes on par with your vision. When you choose a New Jersey kosher wedding venue, any concerns you may have will be alleviated. Planning your wedding at the kosher-friendly venue, Wedding Works, will help guide you and your soon-to-be spouse in the right direction for designing a glamorous event without sacrificing your religious beliefs. 


Some expert tips for planning the chic, kosher wedding your guests won’t stop talking about are:

Customize Your Chuppah

Whether you want to incorporate your friends and family or you just want to plan a Chuppah that is unlike any other that your guests have seen, take time to make sure this aspect of your wedding is personal to you and your partner. 

Include What Is Important to You

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner! When you work with the team of experts at Wedding Works, we can customize our venue to perfectly embody every aspect of your love that you want on display during your kosher wedding. When planning, people will always have opinions on what traditions you should include or how your wedding should go, but remember that you and your new spouse need to be happy at the end of the day because this day is all about the two of you!

Stay in the Moment

It can be easy to get caught up in the fine details of your kosher wedding, but remember this is your day to celebrate this new chapter of your life with your partner, enjoy it!


Wedding planning can be stressful at times, but whether you are planning a kosher wedding or not, at the end of the day, this entire process should be fun. As you look forward to celebrating the love of your life, know that Wedding Works has the skills to provide you with the affordable dream wedding you deserve!

Book Your Kosher Wedding at Wedding Works in New Jersey Today

When planning a kosher wedding, every detail needs to be perfect to ensure that your religious beliefs are protected while celebrating what will be the best day of your life. The epic and historic wedding venue Wedding Works @ the Art Factory, is not only kosher-approved, they can also help you customize the event space to perfectly embody every traditional, or non-traditional, detail you want incorporated. To book a New York style wedding at a New Jersey price, get in touch with our wedding experts here or call

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